Hackers help themselves to data belonging to 2 million T-Mobile customers

The T Mobile logo stands outside the Deutsche Telekom AG headquarters in Bonn Germany on Feb. 22 2018

The T Mobile logo stands outside the Deutsche Telekom AG headquarters in Bonn Germany on Feb. 22 2018

Props: Credit to T-Mobile for its promptness in reporting the breach.

Fret not, though, as your more sensitive (and more secured) info like Social Security numbers, account passwords, or any financial details, were not accessed.

The hack attack took place on Monday, August 20, and while T-Mobile stresses that no financial data was taken, it concedes that it detected "unauthorized capture of some information".

T-Mobile, the nation's third-largest wireless carrier, said late Thursday that it had discovered a data breach potentially affecting some of its customers' account information.

Attackers having your address and account numbers may not sound like a big deal, but information like this is useful for social engineering attacks, where a scammer will call customer service pretending to be you.

Personal information of customers such as name, billing zip code, phone number, email address, account number and account type (prepaid or postpaid) may have been exposed during the breach.

A T-Mobile spokesperson told Motherboard that less than 3% of its customerbase was affected. Those with additional concerns are encouraged to contact customer care by dialing 611, using two-way messaging in the T-Mobile app, online at MyT-Mobile.com or via iMessage through Apple Business Chat. But data breaches and new kinds of cellular fraud are gradually making the practice less effective, Guido says. "We truly regret that this incident occurred and are so sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you", T-Mobile said.

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