Venezuela drone ATTACK: Crackdown feared after president targeted in strike - six arrested

Nicolas Maduro

Nicolas Maduro

Venezuela's far-left government said seven soldiers were wounded by the alleged attack using explosive-laden drones during a military parade in Caracas on Saturday.

In this case, Maduro wasn't targeted by a lone gunman or any person at all - his "attacker" was a pair of explosive-carrying drones.

Although some opposition leaders said they doubted the government's version, two residents of a nearby building said Sunday they saw the drone, and watched it explode.

Meanwhile numerous culprits identified by President Maduro have denied any involvement. Preliminary investigations have indicated to us that there are various financial backers of this attempt on my life. "We didn't have success today, but it's just a question of time", said the group, which says it was founded in 2014 to bring together all of Venezuela's "groups of resistance".

Suspects allegedly launched two DJI Matrice 600 drones, which are popular with professional film-makers and sell for about £5,000 in the United Kingdom, each carrying 1kg of plastic explosives to target the president, his wife, Cilia, and other top Venezuelan officials as he addressed soldiers during a military parade. He added that if Venezuela had any hard information of USA involvement the administration would "take a serious look at it".

"Well, I can say unequivocally there is no USA government involvement in this at all", Bolton said. The Venezuelan information minister confirmed that President Maduro is unharmed. The minister explained Sunday that they're also seeking to question at least one more person about the explosions that interrupted Maduro's televised speech to national guard troops a day earlier.

Meanwhile, the Patriotic Pole coalition of parties allied with the government called for a march on Monday in Caracas to back Maduro.

"We are convinced that settling political differences must be carried out exclusively in a peaceful and democratic way", the foreign ministry said.

The attack came as Venezuela is reeling from an economic and humanitarian crisis and Maduro has grown increasingly isolated.

"The suggestion that the Colombian president is responsible for this supposed attack against the Venezuela president is absurd and lacking in all foundation, " Santos' office said. There was some kind of explosion while Maduro was giving a speech to a crowd of soldiers. The former bus driver has moved steadily to consolidate power as the nation struggles to reverse hyperinflation that the International Monetary Fund projects could top 1 million percent by year's end.

Last year, a rogue Venezuelan police officer hijacked a helicopter and fired at government buildings in what he said was an action against a dictator. Maduro won a new six-year term in May but his main rivals disavowed the election and alleged massive irregularities.

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