Apple beats Microsoft, Google and Amazon to $1 trillion valuation

Apple is the first $1 trillion company in history

Apple is the first $1 trillion company in history

Apple's stock chart today, showing a market cap of $1 trillion.

Adjusted for splits, Apple's stock price has risen almost 40,000% since its initial public offering in 1980.

He launched the iPhone in 2007, dropping "Computer" from Apple's name and super-charging the cellphone industry, catching Microsoft, Intel, Samsung and Nokia off guard. The other company with some claim to be the first valued at $1 trillion is China's state-owned oil company PetroChina.

The feat has of course been a race because the stock market's top 10 is now dominated by tech companies, with Amazon topping $900 billion in market cap and Google and Microsoft worth more than $800 billion.

Cook's ambivalence to the $1 trillion mark mirrors what he told CNN's Laurie Segall in June.

It may have been the vision of Steve Jobs that hurtled Apple towards this milestone, but it was the business acumen of Tim Cook that tipped them over.

The dream of being the world's first trillion-dollar company is something the tech giants have always been chasing and, while Apple was the first to cross the finish line, the rest aren't all that far behind: Microsoft now sits at a $824 billion valuation, while Alphabet and Amazon loom just ahead at $854 billion and $878 billion, respectively - each a gilded stone's throw away from a trillion.

As the co-founder of one of the world's most successful companies, his is one of the most recognised names in the world of tech. Shares of Apple this week traded at about 15 times expected earnings, compared with Amazon at 82 times earnings and Microsoft at 25 times earnings.

Now Forbes may only analyse companies with a presence in the USA, but compare Apple's brand value to that of Coca-Cola's - a one-time world leader in terms of brand recognition - this year valued at just $57.3bn.

Wall Street thinks Apple shares can go even higher too. But, it's likely just a stepping stone to even more gains. However, the share price quickly fell back, leaving the company worth just $962 billion at the time of writing. On Thursday, Amazon's market capitalization was around $874 billion.

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