Bodycam shows police fatally shooting Minneapolis man Thurman Blevins in the back

Bodycam shows police fatally shooting Minneapolis man Thurman Blevins in the back

Bodycam shows police fatally shooting Minneapolis man Thurman Blevins in the back

Newly-released body camera footage shows Minneapolis police officers shooting and killing a black man as he runs away while begging them not to shoot.

A memorial is set up in the alley where Thurman Blevins was killed by Minneapolis police officers after a short foot-chase.

His statements were in prepared remarks that were handed out to the media. However, members of Blevins' family interrupted the press conference and cut him off as they called for "Justice for Jun", Blevins' nickname. The man, which turned out to be Blevins, is sitting on the street corner with his dog talking to a woman, who reports say is his girlfriend, with a baby.

Sydnee Brown, a cousin of Blevins, told the Star Tribune that the video confirms her belief that he was not a threat to the officers.

Freeman's decision came after the city released the officers' body-camera video late Sunday.

This image from multiple police cam videos provided by the Minneapolis Police Department shows a chase between Officers Justin Schmidt and Ryan Kelly and Thurman Blevins, in Minneapolis on June 23, 2018. Bodycam footage from both of the officers shows them pull up to the location and immediately jump out of the vehicle, with one of the officers shouting, "He's got a gun!".

When the squad auto pulls up, officer Schmidt yells that Blevins is armed and both cops jump out of the vehicle and start to chase Blevins. Put your hands up! Schmidt also yells, "Put your hands up! I will (expletive) shoot you!" one officer yells. The suspect, later identified as Thurman Bevins, shouted back, "I didn't do nothing".

"I didn't do nothing, bro", Blevins yells back. An enhanced version of the video has a red circle drawn around Blevins' hand to highlight what appears to be a gun.

Schmidt, who was in the lead, said he repeatedly told Blevins to drop the gun.

"He just gave himself a license to shoot Mr Blevins", Rohr said.

Katya Kelly, the sister of Blevins' girlfriend, said he had a bottle in his hand.

Thurman Blevins was shot after running from officers in JuneBodycam footage has revealed Blevins begged the officers: "Please don't shoot me" and "Leave me alone" after they pursued him on foot.

They appear to spot a man matching the description. As the officers pull up, one says, "He's got a gun!".

"You shoot until the threat ends", Kroll said.

Two Minneapolis police officers who shot and killed a black man were justified in using deadly force, a prosecutor announced today, saying the man was fleeing police and had turned toward them with a loaded gun before he was shot. The statement said Arradondo will "continue to remain engaged, active and listen throughout the community". "It's coming out. That's when I stop, I plant, and I aim at center mass", Officer Schmidt said. Blevins also had THC, a component of marijuana, and other drugs in his system. "There was a casing recovered", union president Bob Kroll said at a separate news conference.

A protest is set for Tuesday, July 31 at 4:30 pm at the Hennepin County Government Center in downtown Minneapolis.

ABC News's national network reported that a longer statement from the county attorney stated that witness testimony, body camera footage and forensic testing proved that Blevins was carrying a gun in his hand. He called Blevins' death "tragic", but declined to comment on what the footage showed.

Before the body-camera footage from the Blevins shooting was released this week, some basic details of what happened had been in dispute.

In individual interviews with the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension a few days later, the officers recall seeing Blevins reach for his gun as he ran away.

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