North Atlantic Treaty Organisation obligations risk WWIII, Trump asserts

After Helsinki, Trump boasts of reinforcing NATO

After Helsinki, Trump boasts of reinforcing NATO

NATO's youngest member claimed it had a "history and tradition and peaceful politics" and pledged permanent friendship to the U.S., after President Donald Trump called Montenegro's people "aggressive" and capable of starting WWIII.

"Let's say Montenegro, which joined past year. why should my son go to Montenegro to defend it from attack", Fox News host Tucker Carlson asked Trump.

In a statement on Thursday Montenegro defended its history of "peaceful politics", saying the country "contributes to peace and stability not only on the European continent but worldwide, along with United States soldiers in Afghanistan".

On Thursday, after 48 hours, of remaining tight-lipped, the Montenegrin government hit back, defending its role as "a stabilising state" and saying it was proud of belonging to the 29-member military alliance. The Polish government has offered up to $2 billion to cover most of the costs of building such a base and supporting US troops in Poland, declaring it is committed "to share the burden of defense spending [and] make the decision more cost-effective for the USA government".

"Let's say Montenegro, which joined previous year. why should my son go to Montenegro to defend it from attack", Tucker asked Trump.

TRUMP: I understand what you're saying.

Montenegro is a small country with very strong people. If critics of expansion point out that these new members add very little and may even end up costing the alliance down the road, proponents just shrug because they see no problem with taking on more dependents. They are very aggressive people, they may get aggressive, and congratulations, you are in World War III.

Trump's jab against the smallest and newest entrant to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has further fanned worldwide uproar over his trip to Europe, where he clashed with the US's closest allies before holding a closed-door meeting with President Vladimir Putin. Apparently for US President Donald Trump there is no reason.

"I have no idea where Trump gets the idea Montenegro is 'very aggressive, '" Daalder told The New Yorker.

Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican candidate for president, called Trump's behavior "disgraceful and detrimental to our democratic principles" and said it "undermines our national integrity and impairs our global credibility".

"To have the president of the United States, the most powerful member of the alliance, question Nato's principle of solidarity can only work in Russia's favour", he quipped.

If Bosnia and Herzegovina becomes the next country to join North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, then the United States will be bound to defend the country where World War I started.

The move would also address a major USA strategic concern about its ability to deter Russian Federation. Within a day he had been forced to admit, for the first time, that there had indeed been Russian meddling in the USA election process in 2016.

Mr Hunt said: "Nato has been the foundation of peace in Europe since 1945, but any alliance needs to be based on fairness in terms of the contributions of the members of that alliance".

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