Outrage from Advocates as the U.S Freezes Funds for Obamacare Payments

Outrage from Advocates as the U.S Freezes Funds for Obamacare Payments

Outrage from Advocates as the U.S Freezes Funds for Obamacare Payments

Even though at least one of the companies providing Affordable Care Act insurance in IN temporarily saves money from a recent Trump administration move, company officials say the decision create more questions about the future of health coverage for Hoosiers. Some companies that had expected hundreds of millions of dollars in risk-adjustment payments fear the funds may fall through, while others that had expected to owe hundreds of millions wonder if they may be off the hook.

"The reluctance of provider organizations to take on risk has always been I think the principal obstacle here".

CMS said in a statement that the funds were being cut because people are more familiar with the exchange program, and that the programs enrolled less than 1% of participants past year.

Insurers were required to meet a June deadline to say in which in counties they'll sell insurance, as well as which kind of plans - so those are locked in, pending a state review.

Ray's group received $4.9 million a year ago to fund more than 130 navigators across Florida to reach the state's vulnerable residents.

The agency believes that the majority of individuals that need an ACA-compliant health plan have the basic knowledge to purchase plans through the exchanges, based on ACA navigator utilization during 2018's open enrollment period.

In its announcement, CMS said the private sector is more cost-effective, so people looking for health coverage should be encouraged to go to insurance agents and brokers (who may receive a commission, unlike navigators).

The Trump administration just halted a key set of payments to Obamacare insurers, but it's consumers who could wind up having to foot the bill. Insurers proposed rates in May.

"Longer-term, I think that the administration's walk-back of risk-adjustment payments penalizes those payers that did, in fact, attempt to enroll participants without bias to health status, and unfortunately it also rewards those payers that for whatever reason chose to play it that much safer and do their best to recruit healthy individuals", Abrams says.

Florida Blue, an insurer that enrolls among the largest number of Obamacare consumers nationwide, said it won't miss the help from the federally funded grass-roots helpers. Almost 9 in 10 people buying coverage on the ACA exchanges qualify for federal subsidies based on their incomes, and the amount those subsidies rose a year ago because of an increase in silver-plan premiums.

"Let ObamaCare implode, then deal", Trump tweeted on July 28, 2017. Administration officials tout these plans as more affordable, but they're cheaper because they don't have to meet the ACA's requirements for decent health plans, like including maternity care and prescription drug coverage, and charging the same rate for people with preexisting conditions. The assault on pre-existing condition protections may make its way to the Supreme Court soon, and if Brett Kavanaugh is sitting on the bench, affordable health care for all will be at serious risk.

CMS now wants the navigators to promote these policies in addition to steering people toward ACA-compliant plans and Medicaid.

"I can not justify paying that much money for a health-care service that I use once a year", she said. The strategy can also help the companies control costs because the hospitals and insurers both benefit from lower medical spending. She's hoping to land a full-time job with health insurance before she has to renew her coverage.

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