Why Dan Gilbert ‘Wouldn’t Mind’ LeBron James Leaving Cavs

LeBron posts IG story cliff jumping with his son while everyone wonders if he'll opt out or not

LeBron posts IG story cliff jumping with his son while everyone wonders if he'll opt out or not

In the latest batch of LeBron James rumors, LeBron reportedly reached out to Kevin Durant about joining the Lakers, but one Cleveland.com reporter says otherwise. Even that was a remote possibility.

80 percent of National Basketball Association teams are expected to be over the cap next season with the Houston Rockets, Philadelphia 76ers, Lakers and Cavaliers the primary frontrunners to sign the three-time National Basketball Association champion. After James left Cleveland for the Miami Heat in 2010, Gilbert wrote a scathing letter targeted at James, who was welcomed back with open arms by the Cavs owner when he returned four years later.

The Cavaliers can offer the ability to continue playing in his home city and for a team that has made it to four straight NBA Finals since James returned, including winning the 2016 NBA title.

"I came back because I felt like I had some unfinished business", James said after the Cavs last NBA Finals loss.

"The one thing that I've always done is considered, obviously, my family", James said.

LeBron James had to inform the Cleveland Cavaliers if he meant to opt in or out of his contract by the end of Friday. Los Angeles would give him the best opportunity to paint on a blank canvas and bring/recruit other stars to join up with him. But if James chooses, he can pick any team to go to and make it happen. No team can offer James as much money or as many years as the Cavs. Philadelphia's young and upcoming stars are also an intriguing choice.

LA Clippers owner and former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer discusses the recent protests enveloping the National Football League, but said that the NBA rules are clear: Players must stand during the anthem, and if they don't, there could be consequences.

McMenamin wants people to know that he doesn't have all the answers at the moment, so he got a fantastic shirt that people can read before they approach him when he's walking around town. "I think he's going to stay right in Cleveland, that's where his kids are".

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