Late Night Hosts Join Forces to Respond to Trump

Colbert Fallon O'Brien 'collude' on response to Trump attacks

Colbert Fallon O'Brien 'collude' on response to Trump attacks

Colbert responds by calling him "lost soul".

"Honestly are these people amusing?", Trump asked the crowd, earning a resounding "No".

Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon and Conan O'Brien united for a amusing sketch Tuesday after President Donald Trump called Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and "the guy on CBS" a bunch of "low-lifes" and "lost souls" at a rally in SC.

"Hm. Got it. It's surprising Trump is orange because if you ask me, he is bananas".

"Hey, lost soul", the Late Show With Stephen Colbert host, 54, replied.

"I'll try", Fallon says, shrugging.

"Be a man", Colbert advised, also parroting Trump's words. Fallon says he's whimpering, Colbert tells him to be a man, and it goes on from there. However, Donald Trump doesn't seem to understand this as he was extremely offended when Jimmy Fallon dissed his hair from an appearance he made on The Tonight Show back in 2016.

"Naturally, Trump used his rally to focus on the issue everyone's most enraged about: talk shows", Colbert said.

On the June 26 open of The Late Show, Stephen FaceTime'd Fallon, who said "Hey low-life", when answering the phone.

"Well that's not right".

The TBS host, his face covered in shaving cream, didn't realize Trump had become president: "The real estate guy who sells steaks. He's president?! Wow! How's he doing?"

"Those people know I love them", Colbert said.

While Kimmel did not appear in Tuesday night's cold open, O'Brien took his place.

In the video chat, O'Brien encourages his fellow hosts to give Trump some time to settle into the job and to be civil.

"What do you want to eat?"

"Red Hen", Colbert confirmed with a decisive nod, ending the call.

Fallon responded, "What are you up to?"

Colbert played a clip of Trump speaking about immigration policy following the decision.

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