Bloomberg report reveals three new Apple products launching next year

Sales of Apple's Home Pod speaker have reportedly fallen below expectations

Sales of Apple's Home Pod speaker have reportedly fallen below expectations

The new earbuds would tout better noise-cancellation and water resistance against rain and sweat.

Unfortunately, the new and improved AirPods also mean that customers might have to pay more than the $159 price tag of the first-generation AirPods. The sources also suggest they'll feature a new chip, Siri voice activation and (like the Apple Watch) perhaps even sensors for a heart-rate monitor. The rumoured over the ear headphones could be competing with the premium headphones from rivals such as Bose and Sennheiser. Naturally, they will be using Apple's branding and because of the company facing numerous challenges, these audio accessories are not going to be released this year. Executives from hardware maker Inventec Corp.

The report cites people familiar with the matter, who said that Apple is exploring making the AirPods water resistant. The original HomePod was supposed to be released to consumers in December 2017 but was delayed until early this year.

Apple did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

Since none of these products have yet been announced, there's a chance they might not wind up being released in 2019, and could be pushed back further (or not released at all.) Still, from the sound of things, Apple has some pretty exciting new audiophile technology in the works. They'll utilize Apple branding and be positioned as a higher-end alternative to the company's Beats line. Now, the company is building on that expertise and knowledge and seems to be expanding its audio product lineup to cater to a wider range of audience. Thus far, it has mostly worked with Inventec, but builds about 30 percent of the units with Luxshare Precision Industry Co.

Apple debuted its wireless earbuds in December 2016.

Apple is likely to continue to offer new versions of both 'Pods, according to the Bloomberg report. Not much is known about this product aside from the possibility that Apple will shift development from Inventec to Foxconn.

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