House Immigration Bill Could Stall, Blames Democrats

"We are going to take action to keep families together while we enforce our immigration laws".

Trump's plans to sign an executive order appeared to catch legislative leaders off guard. "We have done everything we can do in the executive branch". "And we also add new judges so that we can expedite the hearing they're entitled to, and dispose of their case either by sending them back together as a family or admitting them into the country as a family".

"As specified in the order, families will not be detained together when doing so would pose a risk to the child's welfare".

Pelosi said Republicans "have not ever been interested" in a bipartisan deal with Democrats and slammed the so-called GOP compromise bill.

Sitting with officials at a center in McAllen, Texas, she said: 'How can I help these families reunite with their children as quickly as possible?' "We are going to have very strong borders, but we're going to keep the families together", he said.

The news in recent days has been dominated by searing images of children held in cages at border facilities, as well as audio recordings of young children crying for their parents - images that have sparked fury, questions of morality and concern from Republicans about a negative impact on their races in November's midterm elections.

Trump pointed to those images in his meeting, saying theyd "affect everybody" but that he was torn.

"We want to solve this immigration problem", Mr. Trump said.

It was dead earlier this month, after an insurgent effort to force a vote on a bipartisan bill in the House failed. He called them "extremist open-border Democrats". "Republicans want security. But I am working on something - it never ends!" he wrote.

In a rare public reversal, President Trump said the US will allow undocumented families to stay together, even with his "zero tolerance" border policy still in place.

While families attempting to enter the country had been separated in the past, immigration officials did so as an exception and not a rule. The the last six weeks has separated more than 2,300 young children from their families at the U.S. -Mexico border. "We have zero tolerance for people that enter our country illegally", Trump told reporters in the Oval Office of the White House as he signed the executive order. The Justice Department is ordered, "to the extent practicable", to "prioritize the adjudication of cases involving detained families".

"For those children still in Border Patrol custody, we are reuniting them with parents or legal guardians returned to Border Patrol custody following prosecution", a CBP spokesperson said in the statement.

One of them said Nielsen, who had become the face of the administration's policy, had little faith that Congress would act to fix the separation issue and felt compelled to act.

Nielsen repeated her calls for lawmakers to act.

Homeland Security officials did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The spectacular about-face comes after more than 2,300 children were stripped from their parents and adult relatives after illegally crossing the border since May 5 and placed in tent camps and other facilities, with no way to contact their relatives.

United States officials have expressed mixed messages about what happens next to at least 2,300 children taken from their parents after illegally crossing the border since 5 May.

The system for holding migrant children remains opaque, and advocates say it has been hard to keep track of the children in USA custody and find out where their parents are.

The House bills would undo a federal court agreement that limits the time that minors here illegally can be held in custody to 20 days, which would allow them to be with their parents in a detention facility indefinitely. "The government has been faced with the choice of either splitting the family by detaining the parent and releasing the kid, or just letting the parent go too".

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