After IG Report, Donald Trump Signals War Against ‘Very Dishonest Intelligence’ Agencies

Comey 'broke norms but not biased' - agency watchdog report

Comey 'broke norms but not biased' - agency watchdog report

The long-awaited report faulted the Federal Bureau of Investigation and its former director James Comey over the handling of the Hillary Clinton email probe in 2016 - and concluded that two agents working under Comey showed a "willingness to take official action to impact" Trump's election chances.

While castigating the FBI, Mr Trump stopped well short of the comments of his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who on Thursday called on top Justice Department officials to "redeem themselves" by ending the investigation now being led by special counsel Robert Mueller into possible co-ordination between Russian Federation and the Trump campaign in 2016.

The Justice Department's top watchdog said, in a scathing report released Thursday, that former FBI Director James Comey was "insubordinate" during the 2016 presidential campaign, when he took unilateral actions that could have impacted the outcome of the vote.

The report says the watchdog "did not find documentary or testimonial evidence" that political bias directly affected parts of the probe, it says Page and Strzok's conduct "cast a cloud over the entire FBI investigation".

Kaufman said he sees the anti-Trump text as another indication that some cards are stacked against the president.

"Nothing in the inspector general's report makes me think we did the wrong thing", Comey wrote in an op-ed published Friday by the The New York Times.

Comey, however, said he acted appropriately in his handling of the Clinton email investigation.

Still, he said he was not surprised by the inspector general's conclusion that Comey's actions weren't motivated by political bias.

FILE PHOTO: Former FBI director James Comey speaks about his book during an onstage interview with Axios Executive Editor Mike Allen at George Washington University in Washington, U.S. April 30, 2018. Even so, the OIG report said it could find no evidence directly tying the political views of these and other employees to investigative decisions being made.

Mr Comey said he wasn't sure if that was in accordance with Federal Bureau of Investigation regulations, but had checked it with another official and he "had the sense that it was okay".

"Doesn't get any lower than that!" he added. That Comey, of all people, engaged in the same actions that consumed her campaign will go down in history as one of the great twisted ironies of our time.

Horowitz' report was finished in April, but published on Thursday, after being sent for review and revision to the individuals named in it, including Comey.

The Justice Department's handling of the investigation into Clinton was attacked by Democrats and Republicans alike.

In the report, FBI Attorney 2 stated that these conversations were with people he considered friends, and he was discussing his political beliefs in an entirely personal capacity and not a professional one.

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