IHOP reveals mystery behind ‘IHOb’: International House of Burgers

IHOP (International House of Pancakes) has officially announced their name change to IHOb (International House of Burgers), and the fast food chain Wendy's shaded the new name on Twitter!

"The change, in fact, celebrates the debut of the brand's new Ultimate Steakburgers", the company said in a press release about the seven new all-natural burger varieties.

IHOP channeled Sesame Street on Monday as it ended speculation about its social media campaign about changing its name from IHOP to IHOb.

Some people correctly predicted it would stand for burgers, but many others on Twitter and Facebook thought the B would stand for breakfast or bacon.

"Dear Internet, we abbreciate your batience", the company said on Monday.

"Why couldn't you be worldwide house of brunch and start serving mimosas and bellinis?" one user asked, garnering hundreds of "likes". "Burgers are the most consumed entrée item for men, women and children in America", he continued, adding "it made sense to start with burgers".

It's unclear how long the new name will be used, though the company URL remains the same.

But the change might not be permanent.

"Burgers are a quintessential, American menu item so it makes flawless sense", said Chef Nevielle Panthaky, Head of Culinary at IHOb.

The chain, which opened its first restaurant in Burbank, California, in 1958, played along all week, even going so far as changing the signage outside its restaurant in Hollywood to "IHOb".

As if the United States needed more fastfood burger restaurants.

Before revealing the reasoning for the "P" to be turned upside down into a "b", IHOP gave the world a week to guess what the "b" might stand for.

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