A Few Quick Reminders on Election Day in Ontario

Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Doug Ford at a rally in Toronto on Tuesday

Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Doug Ford at a rally in Toronto on Tuesday

Nevertheless, both comrades and opponents in government have taken to social media to thank her for her years of service as the Ontario Premier and for all she's done for the province.

Looking at the parallels between Kenney's and Ford's proposed policies, Joel French, executive director of Alberta Public Interest, sees the claims as nothing more than political posturing, since the question of pricing carbon falls out of provincial jurisdiction.

The only MPPs who predate Wynne's time as leader are Michael Coteau and the indestructible Mike Gravelle, who hung on to his seat in Thunder Bay-Superior North. Coteau, a progressive Liberal who won his seat in 2011 and endorsed Wynne in the 2013 leadership race, is already a frontrunner to succeed Wynne as party leader.

"I absolutely think the Ontario Liberal party is coming back, I have no doubt about that but it's going to be a long road for them ... they're going to need some time to lick their wounds, to retool, to identify a new leadership".

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath was also pressed on the issue, and would only say that the decision was Ford's to make.

"Neither have run a large department as a Cabinet minister, let alone a government", said Carleton University business professor Ian Lee, referring to Ford and Horwath.

"We are modernizing Ontario's elections in a measured and principled way to give electors a better voting experience", said Greg Essensa, Ontario's chief electoral officer.

Ford, whose favourite campaign slogan was "Help in on the way", tells the cheering crowd "Help is here".

"The man who saved the Jesus Parade, who promises to repeal the radical elements of sex ed".

"We're not. Going. To cry", said Wynne.

"My main focus is the economy, is making sure we create jobs and have this province thrive". Canada has countered with a plan to impose tariffs of its own on US metals and other consumer goods.

"I am nervous", she said Monday.

On the federal scene, there's cause for reflection if not concern in every camp. "United we stand as a country and I'll work hand in hand with the prime minister".

She is expected to speak at 2 p.m.at Queen's Park and likely address the the toppling of the Liberal party following the PC election victory, as well as how her party will deal with officially losing its "registered party" status after falling one seat short of the number needed to considered an official party in Queen's Park.

Liberal leader and former Premier Kathleen Wynne won her riding by just 181 votes, and resigned as party leader.

Wynne has declined to say whether she'll stay on as party leader, but many expect her to step down.

Since Confederation, Ontario voters have nearly always opted for a different party federally than the one they've chosen provincially - even when that's meant electing a premier and prime minister guaranteed to be at each other's throats. "Her folksy populism, if sustained, could be a very effective counter to Ford once Ford has to make trade-offs". After 15 years in power, they could not play the anti-establishment card, and their attempt to steal the NDP's mantle by raising the minimum wage, offering pharmacare for young people and promising more spending on childcare ultimately failed to catch fire.

"I'm getting chills just talking about him right now".

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