WatchOS 5 fitness and health features put Fitbit on notice

WatchOS 5 fitness and health features put Fitbit on notice

WatchOS 5 fitness and health features put Fitbit on notice

Well, the original Apple Watch to be more precise.

Another big change is that watchOS 5 supports WebKit. For more details, head on over to Apple.

Watch faces are an area of intense interest for Apple Watch owners, because these faces are among the few ways people can personalize their watches. Apple is also removing "Hey Siri" for its command for the Apple Watch, letting users just speak commands to the digital assistant. Third-party apps will appear on the watch faces as well, and the Siri Shortcuts that Apple announced earlier in the keynote are coming to watchOS 5, so you can bring them everywhere you go. The somewhat overlooked social networking aspect of the platform is being bolstered with competitions between friends, and you get notifications on your progress every step of the 7-day challenges.

The yoga workout feature primarily tracks the user's heart rate, but the hiking workout is more robust, including metrics for things like elevations and pace. The Podcasts app is being added to the Watch, as well, and third-party apps will be able to play background audio. Apple first started talking about a walkie-talkie feature back in 2014, before the Apple Watch launched the following year. You'll also be able to just raise your wrist and start talking to it rather than needing to say "Hey Siri".

That said, the re-release of the Apple Watch Series 1 with the Series 2's processor - any Series 1 released after 2016 - will be able to run watchOS 5, according to Apple.

One new feature, "activity competitions", allows you to create week-long competitions with friends to complete "rings" (workout goals you create) the fastest. Basically, Siri in watchOS 5 will be taking a lot of the legwork out of your daily routines.

Check out Apple's full press release on watchOS 5 here. Student ID Cards was mentioned, in particular.

And the Apple Watch is becoming useful for students, with the addition of Student ID cards that college kids can tap to gain access to buildings and more on campus.

The new Apple Watch interface is all about catering to active watch-wearers.

The Pride watch band and face.

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