Scottsdale police surround suspect possibly connected to recent shootings

Arizona cops believe killings of two paralegals and forensic psychologist are linked

Arizona cops believe killings of two paralegals and forensic psychologist are linked

Police in suburban Phoenix identified a fourth professional found fatally shot late last week as a 72-year-old counselor and life coach. He was found shot inside an office building shortly after midnight Saturday.

Authorities on Monday revealed they had strong evidence that linked Jones to the killings of a Jonbenet Ramsey forensic psychiatrist on Thursday, two paralegals on Friday and the death of a hypnotherapist on Saturday.

Police said the killings Friday of paralegals Veleria Sharp, 48, and Laura Anderson, 49, were related to the Pitt shooting, but were still trying to determine exactly what linked the three victims.

The death toll in an Arizona killing spree has risen to six, after police found the bodies of a man and a woman inside a Fountain Hills home on Monday, police said.

Throughout his many years, Pitt worked on a number of other cases as well - such as the Columbine school shooting and the Jodi Arias trial - assisting law enforcement with everything from unusual murder mysteries to serial killers. Yentes said he knows of several law firms that are not open today, and some have talked about having uniformed officers in their lobbies. However, after police identified Jones as their suspect it became known that he had been in the area of the home in the 14900 block of Kit Fox Place.

Officers followed a blood trail back to the office and found the other woman.

"We started to see that Mr. Jones was visiting them in an effort to right some wrong", Chief Slavin said, adding that the suspect had probably meant to kill Ms. Jones's lawyer.

Slavin said the shooting rampage apparently stemmed from a messy divorce between Jones and his wife in 2010. One of the women managed to walk outside and flag down a passing driver before she died.

Her current husband, a retired police detective, made the connection between her divorce and the crime scenes and notified police of his suspicion Saturday night, she said. Police told AZcentral that they were confident Levine's death was related to the others, but it was unclear how he might have been connected to Jones.

Authorities previously said they believed the recent killings of a forensic psychiatrist and two paralegals were committed by the same individual.

It was then that they reportedly found the suspect dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Anderson had worked there for more than 10 years, the firm said in a statement to CNN affiliate KNXV.

Pitt also helped police as they tried to solve a string of crimes that terrorized Phoenix in 2006. Slavin said his victims were his ex-wife and his child. The package contained a.22-caliber pistol that was owned by the man who lived in Fountain Hills, he said.

He was remembered as a perfectionist in his work on major cases and a loving man who doted on his fiancee and family members.

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