Islamic State 'kills four Russian soldiers in Syria'

Several of people were killed near Damascus mainly from Russian air strikes

Several of people were killed near Damascus mainly from Russian air strikes

The United Kingdom founded Syrian Station for Human Rights observing group believed the assaults had been supported out by Islamic National troops and that thirty five professional government fighters were murdered, counting 9 Russians.

The number of rebel casualties could not immediately be confirmed, but an independent monitor claimed the casualty rate among Russian and Syrian fighters appeared to be higher than the Kremlin has reported.

Then killed, in addition to the four soldiers, two employees of a private military company, PMC supposedly "Wagner".

"Two Russian military adviser who ran the fire of the Syrian battery, died on the spot".

A local Russian newspaper in the Siberian city of Chita also reported on the funerals of four soldiers it said were killed in Syria on May 23.

The fighting lasted about an hour, resulting in the deaths of 43 IS fighters and in the destruction of six all-terrain vehicles, the report said.

The remaining 26 were all Syrian forces, he told AFP.

One of the largest such clashes, in February, involved Syrian Army soldiers and Russian mercenaries who tried to seize a gas plant controlled mostly by Kurdish forces and their American military advisers.

Russian Federation has conducted a military campaign in Syria since September 2015, helping reverse the course of the war in Bashar Assad's favor.

Five Russian soldiers were also injured and were promptly taken to the Russian military hospital, it said.

Russian Federation has lost about 90 personnel in the civil war. The incident happened after Daesh terrorists attacked an artillery battery belonging to the Syrian army.

Russian Federation has provided crucial military support to President Bashar Assad's forces, helping them to roll back mainstream rebels as well as the Islamic State group.

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