Active Shooter gets deactivated on Steam

39;Active Shooter' video game pulled days before release

39;Active Shooter' video game pulled days before release

Following a whirlwind of controversy over content versus free speech, Valve has made a decision to yank the game Active Shooter from Steam, but it didn't stop there.

Almost 200,000 people have signed a petition on urging Valve to pull the video game and has since claimed victory. We are not going to do business with people who act like this towards our customers or Valve.

Active Shooter was set to launch on June 6.

The point-of-view video game allows players to be SWAT team members or active shooters walking through school hallways, classrooms and a gym.

Despite the game already being canceled - an online petition against that game is still garnering support with thousands of signatures.

Professional video gamer "Siefe" explained the video game's premise and how he couldn't believe the game was on Steam in the first place.

Valve did not create the game, but "Active Shooter" - developed by Revived Games and published by Acid - was scheduled to be distributed soon on Steam, a digital gaming storefront operated by Valve.

Valve Steam's parent company said today that it was removing the computer video game because the developer was a "troll with a history of customer abuse".

On Wednesday, the Associated Press reported that Valve was pulling the game from its platform. According to the developer, adding the school shooter role was a natural progression of development.

The game's promotional content read, "Pick up your role, gear up and fight or destroy!"

About an hour before Steam removed the game, Siefe watched the game's preview.

Marketing is Robinette's livelihood, and she brought her skills from the office home to spread the word about "Active Shooter". Content that is "patently offensive or meant to shock or disgust viewers" and "content that exploits children in any way" are both on the list.

Robinette's concern is that not enough research has been done to find out how video games may be linked to violent behavior.

Valve also promised to have a "broader conversation" on its content policies, and it will be interesting to see what the company has to say. One was removed after its creator issued a death threat to Valve CEO Gabe Newell online.

Ten people were killed in a school shooting in Texas earlier this month by a heavily armed 17-year-old classmate.

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