Trump might sideline Giuliani from his media blitz

Would President Trump Really Plead the Fifth?

Would President Trump Really Plead the Fifth?

Trump has told a confidant that instead of being completely banned, Giuliani should be "benched" if he can not improve his performance in interviews.

As negotiations continue on whether and how Donald Trump will provide testimony to Special Counsel Robert Mueller in the Russian Federation investigation, Rudy Giuliani says Mueller has already rejected a proposal to have him answer questions only in writing. "Either he'll change his behavior, or he's not going to do it very long", a senior White House official told CNN of Giuliani's role representing Trump, which he called a "little charade".

The admission comes after Giuliani repeatedly discussed the Mueller investigation and the legal issues surrounding the Stormy Daniels case in detail on national television, revealing new information and providing comments that legal experts viewed as damaging. The White House sent two of its top officials, including Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, to the Central Intelligence Agency headquarters to convince Haspel against it.

Giuliani, the former NY attorney general, has long supported Donald Trump, but is it time the two part ways?

But Giuliani, making the rounds of the Sunday news shows, suggested that Cohen paid off more women during the campaign, saying "I have no knowledge of that but I would think, if it was necessary, yes".

Giuliani told the Post that the reimbursement came out of a $35,000 monthly retainer that Trump was paying Cohen. To which he replied, "Funneled it through the law firm, and the president repaid him". Giuliani maintains that he is the man for the job.

Although the president has not publicly affronted Giuliani, Trump's allies have reportedly grown wary of his off-script interviews.

"They're admitting to enough that warrants scrutiny".

After forcing out Ty Cobb, who wanted to work with Mueller, Trump has chosen to have attorneys who believe the President can not be constitutionally forced to testify to a grand jury through a subpoena.

Giuliani's brutal media rampage has prompted comparisons with Anthony Scaramucci, who, similar to Giuliani, loved airtime.

However, these were not the only statements made by the new appointee.

Some West Wing aides have complained that Giuliani, who ran for president in 2008, was acting like a "principal" and not a member of a team.

The former NY mayor raised eyebrows when he called Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser, "disposable".

Giuliani's remarks have also been watched with concern at the State Department and Pentagon after he weighed in recently on worldwide affairs.

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