President Trump suggests taking away journalists' credentials

President Trump suggests taking away journalists' credentials

President Trump suggests taking away journalists' credentials

The rebuke from Talev comes after a dyspeptic day for President Trump on Twitter, which included his latest threat to take action against the "fake news" media.

She refused to answer questions about whether Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen - responsible for the $130,000 Stormy Daniels payment - was paid by companies for access to the President.

Donald Trump suggested taking away the credentials of reporters who write negative stories about him, Time is reporting.

Trump has attended the dinner before, but as a guest.

Trump has frequently attacked the media and its coverage of him since his days as a presidential candidate when he appeared to condone or even encourage violence against journalists.

During the election campaign, Trump had denied credentials to some of the top media outlets including The Washington Post and Politico. The first would be freeing senior journalists up to do more earnest work.

The president is unhappy with negative reporting about him.

TRUMP: Oh yeah, I would do that.

Sanders replied bluntly, "And you are". It doesn't mean I'd be nice to them.

During his transition into office, Trump repeatedly ditched the pool of reporters that traditionally follows a president or president-elect nearly everywhere.

Sanders referred the question to outside lawyers, saying it had "nothing to do with the White House".

Trump told Fox News before his inauguration that the White House briefing room "is too small".

"We've got a nominee that can win in November, " McConnell said, speaking of West Virginia.

At a brief press availability on Wednesday as he held a cabinet meeting, Trump was asked by a pool reporter if he would ban the press from the White House.

Around this time previous year, Trump floated the idea of scrapping briefings altogether.

The press secretary fired back at Vega, arguing that the fact that she's "standing here taking questions" and that the president took questions a few hours ago "demonstrates this White House's commitment to accessibility and to providing information to the American public".

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