Man wanted for teenager's murder in Utah arrested in Rocky Ford

Baileigh Bagshaw 15 was found murdered in her Salt Lake City home on Monday

Baileigh Bagshaw 15 was found murdered in her Salt Lake City home on Monday

Shaun French was wanted by Salt Lake City police in connection with the killing of Baleigh Bagshaw, and according to the Otero County Sheriff's Office, he was stopped by a Colorado State Patrol trooper on Highway 50 just northwest of Rocky Ford.

While on the phone with Baleigh, the teen's mother heard the teen being "brutally attacked" in their home, said Shearer.

Baleigh Bagshaw was on the phone checking in with her mother after coming home from school when she was attacked, authorities said Tuesday.

Then the line went dead.

On Monday afternoon, Baleigh was walking home from school when she called her mom, as she did nearly every day.

A short time later, police arrived and found the teenager dead. At that time, the mother called a neighbor to go check on Baleigh. Police are not yet announcing Bagshaw's official cause of death, according to Shearer.

French is being held in Colorado on charges for three felony counts of unlawful sexual contact with a minor. He said that "quite a bit of evidence" was "widely spread throughout the home and throughout the area". Investigators say French had lived in the same house as Bagshaw in the past but was no longer living there when she was found dead. He'd moved in with the family in February 2017, when Bagshaw was 14 years old and he was 23 years old.

Immediately a search began for a 24-year-old man named Shaun French. "She was really friendly and nice", Zamir told Deseret News.

The person of interest is still at large and is considered to be armed and unsafe.

His Facebook page says he works at Intermountain Plantings Inc. and attended high school in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

Detectives are already working on the extradition process to get French back to Utah as soon as possible.

The vehicle has Wyoming license plate number 19-13974.

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