David Price might have the sports world's first Fortnite-related injury

Alex Cora Doesn't Think David Price's Carpal Tunnel Came From Team's Fortnite ObsessionMore

Alex Cora Doesn't Think David Price's Carpal Tunnel Came From Team's Fortnite ObsessionMore

Some have speculated that Price's injury might have been caused by his video game habits, specifically his recent fascination with the game "Fortnite". Fortnite hasn't caused any grievous bodily harm, but it might have been what kept Boston Red Sox pitcher David Price from making his scheduled start Wednesday night. "It seems like Fortnite now is the one everybody's playing, but a year ago I saw a lot of guys playing Federation Internationale de Football Association". Price's case has invited speculation that it could have been caused by excessively playing video games. "But we'll talk about it". So, there's a lot of teams playing Fortnite, too.

Cora's correct: If Fortnite can injure Major League Baseball players, prepare for a rash of disabled-list stints across the league, because players in every single clubhouse are undoubtedly caught up in the craze.

Joel Zumaya would be proud. The injury was the first in a succession of hand and arm trouble that derailed Zumaya's once-promising career. Alex Cora spoke with Dale & Keefe, revealing that Price was dealing minor carpal tunnel. Earlier this season, Price said he and his teammates have been spent many hours playing the "Fortnite", but he said that while video games might have contributed to his carpal tunnel, they are not to blame for his condition.

Price has a 5.11 ERA and is 2-4 in seven starts during his third season with Boston.

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