Meghan Markle's brother warns Harry to call off wedding in horrid letter

This is why the Queen made Princess Diana have two wedding bouquets

This is why the Queen made Princess Diana have two wedding bouquets

51 years old Thomas Markle Jr. has penned down a letter addressed to Prince Harry criticizing his sister and warned Prince Harry it is not "too late" to call off the wedding.

"Thomas sent a handwritten letter to Prince Harry at the end of the April asking his future brother-in-law to call off the wedding, saying that Meghan knowingly left their father penniless and alone in Mexico and that her limited fame in Hollywood has turned her into a "...jaded, shallow, conceited woman that will make a joke of you and the royal family heritage".

Markle Jr. closes his letter to Prince Harry by using the fact that Meghan has turned her back on her family as proof that she's not a genuine person.

"As time passes and the royal marriage approaches, it becomes clearer that this is the biggest mistake in the history of royal marriages".

That's because the 51-year-old OR resident has shared with the world a blistering open letter to the 33-year-old Prince Harry, warning him that his bride, former TV actress Meghan, is "a jaded, shallow, conceited woman that will make a fool of you and the royal family heritage".

He says that everyone can see through Meghan's "attempt to act the part of a princess like a below C average Hollywood actress".

It is believed that Meghan has only invited her mum and dad, and has snubbed Samantha along with brother Thomas, his ex-wife and their children.

The royal couple has invited 2,640 people for the wedding party in West London, out of which 1,200 "members of the public" from different fields and the four corners of the United Kingdom. We've got her mean tweet about how the commoners attending her wedding to Prince Harry are being told to bring their own food. Meg likes to portray herself as a humanitarian, a people's person and a charitable person but she is none of those things to her family. Diana was worshipped by everyone in the world.

It's not the first time Thomas has spoken out against his estranged sister, and he previously accused her of tearing their family apart. She was loved for the right reasons. But Thomas says after Doris' death in 2011 he never heard from Meghan again. She's not genuine like Diana'. I want you over here.

More than 600 guests have been invited to Harry and Meghan's May 19 wedding, which will take place at Windsor Castle's St. George's Chapel, with a further 200 being invited for the reception.

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