Will Trump's Lobbying Hurt The US-Canada-Mexico World Cup Bid?

President Trump has stirred up controversy with his tweets about the U.S.'s joint World Cup bid

President Trump has stirred up controversy with his tweets about the U.S.'s joint World Cup bid

The ambitious, expanded nations league would be held every two years in between World Cups. Infantino had suggested that the new tournament would take place every October and/or November of every odd year starting from 2021.

The report states the investors are willing to spend $25b (R316 trillion) on the revamped showpiece, which will also include a new Club World Cup format with 24 teams.

The Confederations Cup, now staged every four years in a year before the World Cup, would be abolished.

With the plans still in an ongoing discussion, no indication has been made over how many allocated sides will be set for each region.

Federation Internationale de Football Association has been acting with "a clear lack of consultation and transparency", Lars-Christer Olsson, the CEO of the European Leagues, said Thursday after a board meeting of his 32-member group.

The FIFA president during the discussions said that an global consortium, which last month tabled an offer to run the proposed competitions, would guarantee revenues of at least $25 billion over 12 years to create an expanded version of UEFA Nations league running on a two-year cycle for more than 200 national teams.

Meanwhile, voting to award the 2026 World Cup will hold on June 13 in Moscow at world football governing body, FIFA's annual congress, and in the process, publish the choice of each voting member for transparency.

Trump's comments however risk incurring the wrath of FIFA, which has strict guidelines forbidding government intervention in football matters.

The Nations League would be a global version of the new competitions which are being introduced by UEFA in Europe and CONCACAF in North and Central American and the Caribbean.

There is promotion and relegation between the divisions, as in conventional domestic club leagues.

While the Confederations Cup has a representative of each continent, as winners of their respective continental competitions compete against each other.

That would "further destroy competitive balance in domestic competitions", the Swedish official said. UEFA sees threats to the worldwide appeal and commercial value of its Champions League, while the Nations League proposal - including an elite eight-team final tournament - was created by UEFA past year.

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