Watch Fortnite get clobbered by meteors as the comet apocalypse approaches



After the claims that Fortnite update 3.6 hinted that the comet strike could be landing today toward Tilted Towers, with rooftop watch parties put in the game. Some players even noted that there was a UFO in the sky, suggesting that there could be a possible alien invasion. Though the Battle Royale portion of Fortnite is free to play, Epic does sell Early Access to its "Save the World" mode.

If you look closely, you'll notice that you can see the face of a superhero-like character smiling back at you reflected in what looks like a meteor or comet-shaped image. Superdata says that Fortnite is now the largest free-to-play game on consoles of all time in terms of revenue generated and monthly active users.

Well, Tilted Towers is still standing, but according to numerous players on social media, the meteor shower has begun. In November 2017, two months after adding the mode, "Fortnite" had more than 20 million players. Perhaps Epic is plotting a new set of skins based around superheroes for Fortnite's season 4 battle pass? Superheroes have been a popular subject for some time and "Fortnite" would be an even more popular game with players if certain superheroes or certain superhero abilities were incorporated into the next season. We'll be keeping an eye on Epic for more, but for now, head down to the comments section and let us know if you're excited for the start of season 4!

According to PCGamesN, the timing of the superhero image is ideal for the game since the new Avengers movie has been released. The idea of a superhero theme sounds incredible and could bring on some interesting challenges for anyone who has a Battle Pass for the next season.

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