New Charges Against VA Nominee: "Candyman" Dispensed Drugs Freely, Wrecked Car

By Roberta Rampton and Steve Holland

By Roberta Rampton and Steve Holland

Based on conversations with 23 of Jackson's colleagues and former colleagues, the review says Jackson was nicknamed "Candyman" by White House staff because he would provide prescriptions without paperwork. They also said he kept private stocks of controlled substances and provided a "large supply" of the painkiller Percocet to a staff member of the White House Military Office.

It summarizes complaints that Tester says were raised by more than 20 past and present colleagues of Jackson, a Navy admiral who has served as personal physician to Trump and former President Barack Obama. Jackson also said he is staying in the nomination process.

The White House is defending the nominee, and urged the Senate's Veterans Affairs committee to quickly reschedule his confirmation hearing.

The White House says it was Jackson who requested that assessment and hinted Kuhlman is behind the more recent complaints.

CNN previously reported that Jackson met with President Donald Trump on Tuesday amid the tumult with his nomination.

Asked whether he "categorically denied" the allegations against him, he said, "I'm looking forward to the hearings, so we can sit down and I can explain everything to everyone and answer all the senators' questions". "I don't want to put a man through a process like this".

"I never wrecked a vehicle", he said Wednesday.

When investigators returned to assess progress the following year, they found some improvements in morale at the roughly 50-person medical office, but noted Jackson still needed to "hone his self-awareness" of behaviors that trigger staff perceptions that "his actions are purely politically driven for his self-advancement". She said the investigations "revealed no areas of concern".

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders defended Jackson to The New York Times, which first obtained the summary of the allegations.

The meeting came after Trump spoke at a press conference alongside French President Macron and said he'd left the decision to Jackson on whether he should keep his name in contention for the top slot at the VA given how ugly the confirmation battle was likely to get.

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