Leeds United To Tour Myanmar Despite Military Crackdown

Leeds United announced the tour of the Southeast Asian nation on Tuesday morning

Leeds United announced the tour of the Southeast Asian nation on Tuesday morning

The team is scheduled to compete against the Myanmar national side and a select league club in two fixtures in May, following the conclusion of the English domestic season.

Leeds United have defended plans for a controversial post-season tour of Myanmar, despite an ongoing military offensive in the country that has been described by the United Nations as a "textbook example of ethnic cleansing".

The group says it views the tour as "an opportunity for Leeds United to be pioneers and break down barriers and build relationships with the people and business community within a country trying to emerge from a hard past".

Maybe yet another decision Leeds may have to have a rethink about, but it seems that they are set on going there.

As you can imagine, the fans of Leeds United are not impressed with this decision and are simply baffled by the announcement.

"The Club is not receiving any fee to play". We don't see any sporting reasons for the trip. "The club should turn".

Bashir, who has campaigned for the protection of Myanmar's Rohingya minority, said: "By playing football there, they would be giving succour to a brutal regime and aligning themselves with the perpetrators of ethic cleansing and genocide".

"They have ambitious goals for grass-roots and elite football development that we're delighted to be able to support".

Kinnear added: "Myanmar is one of the fastest-growing nations in south-east Asia and is passionate about English football. This tour gives us an opportunity to meet new fans of football who will hopefully support our journey back to the Premier League".

Amnesty International agrees Leeds' decision to visit is "odd" but has encouraged the club to put pressure on the government to end the conflict.

Leeds will be holding football clinics with the Myanmar Football Federation Academies in Yangon and Mandalay.

Radrizzani also mentions that he is "well aware" on the volatility in the region as he previously spent 10 years living in Asia including several visits to Myanmar, which he found to be a "warm and welcoming" place whilst he established business interests (quelle surprise) in the country.

The Championship club's social media accounts have advised fans "to wait for further advice" before arranging travel to the country.

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