Amazon is launching a new Echo meant just for kids

Image Courtesy Twitter  Jeff Bezos

Image Courtesy Twitter Jeff Bezos

Not exactly ideal if you have kids in the house, which is why Amazon's developed a child-friendly Echo Dot Kids Edition. A user can purchase products immediately or add items easily to his/her shopping list or shopping cart. And if you have several Echo devices spread across other rooms, music playback using those speakers can also be synced as well. "With the screen, Alexa adds an enriching visual experience to voice activation and control". If the previous rumors are true, this sounds like an Echo Dot-like device with voice support, but still primarily a streaming device.

The Echo Spot has been priced Rs. 12,999 but is now available at a discounted price of RS. 10,499 as an introductory price offer. Similar to other Echo products the Spot also connects to Alexa to play music, read the news, watching cricket highlights and several other smart options.

The Echo is designed in such a way that it works even in noisy environments because of the integration of seven microphones with beam-forming technology alongside improved noise cancellation.

If you're interested, you can now pick up the Echo Spot for ₹10,499 in the country. It also comes with a replacement guarantee for two years, so even if the kids decide to use it as a singing hockey puck, you're covered - no questions, no quibbles. While the earlier Echo speakers were all about the audio - voice commands and voice-based responses - the Echo adds video component to the whole thing. Amazon might position the device as a poor man's Echo Show with a leaning more towards video content consumption. The weight of Amazon Echo is around 821 grams, which is higher than Amazon Echo Dot. The company claims that they are hands-free and fast. Alexa is the brain behind the Echo devices. Those include the ability to search the net for any specific news, place orders on Amazon or get the latest weather update.

With Alexa integration on current Fire TV devices you can search for shows by name, star, genre, and more. It could very well end up being the flawless streaming and smart speaker combo, though that's unlikely since Amazon risks muddying up its smart speaker lineup with such a device. But that has not been launched in India for now because it probably would have been too expensive for the Indian market.

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