Video shows Minnesota fugitive grandmother's arrest in Texas

Lois Riess of Blooming Prairie Minn. was was arrested in South Padre Island Tex. on Thursday

Lois Riess of Blooming Prairie Minn. was was arrested in South Padre Island Tex. on Thursday

The Minnesota grandmother accused of killing two people made her first court appearance in Texas over the weekend.

She is now being held without bail at the Cameron County Jail.

A newly released video shows the moment police caught up with Lois Riess after she spent five weeks on the run.

Colbert said if Florida goes first, Minnesota will watch closely.

Police also connected Riess to the murder of Pamela Hutchinson, 59, in Fort Myers two weeks ago, saying she was seen on surveillance video driving her vehicle shortly thereafter.

Dodge County Sheriff Scott Rose says he's relieved that 56-year-old Lois Riess was arrested Thursday at a restaurant in South Padre Island, Texas, after a witness recognized her photo and called police.

She is suspected of having transferred funds from her disabled 61-year-old sister's account to her own and then withdrawing them at the casino.

She bought a sandwich and asked for directions out of state.

About 20 minutes later, US Marshals arrested Riess at another restaurant near Dirty Al's, based on Higginbotham's tip.

In Florida, where she allegedly killed Hutchinson, Riess faces charges of murder with a firearm, criminal use of identification, larceny and grand theft auto. A judge gave Minnesota and Florida authorities 10 days to get her. Investigators believe Riess used the same gun to kill Hutchinson and her husband.

Riess went missing in March after her husband was found dead.

Surveillance footage captured the moment authorities approached Riess and took her into custody.

Riess is expected to be extradited to Florida this week.

Riess was arrested in Texas.

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