Internet: A lightweight browser by Amazon

Amazon launches a 'lite' Android web browser app in India

Amazon launches a 'lite' Android web browser app in India

The app is available for download on the Google Play Store and runs on devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher.

Just like other browsers, Internet browser comes with a customized homepage that offers an integrated section for trending news of the day.

One of the big features Amazon is trying to highlight with its browser is that it is private, claiming that it does not ask for any permissions like other browsers and does not collect private data. Furthermore, it also gives an option to switch to private tabs to let users hide browsing history from their devices. With the amount of incompatibility across various devices, there's a chance that Amazon might still be in beta stages for such an app, the same reason why the company opted for a silent soft launch.

Online retail giant Amazon has launched an Android-based mobile browser in India with limited availability in an apparent bid to take on Google in the Internet game. The app's description notes the browser homepage is created to keep you up-to-date with news, cricket and entertainment from top sources. The URL for the Play Store listing suggests the codename for the browser is Garuda, who in Hindu mythology is considered to be the god of flight (he's also associated with speed, which is what Amazon is going for here). This seems to indicate that it's meant to be something of a competitor to other private mobile browsers, like Firefox, which blocks website trackers. The Amazon Prime subscription in India is the best deal in e-commerce today, with an annual membership costing just $15 (₹999) in the country. The app is now available but the app is not supported now.

The app first appeared on the Play Store in March, and has fewer than 1,000 downloads, according to data from app store intelligence firm Sensor Tower. It also offers full screen browsing to get more space of reading. Some of these, like Gmail Go, only come pre-installed on select devices. After Facebook and Google, Amazon might be competing in their "lite" version applications since the company already offers Amazon Kindle lite app in addition to this new Internet "lite" browser.

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