Fan Are Convinced The Walking Dead's Season Finale Introduced the Whisperers

How long is TWD tonight

How long is TWD tonight

Will new showrunners be able to take the franchise in a positive direction? By keeping most of the Savior prisoners alive and making a trade deal with Georgie, Maggie shows great leadership in season 8.

Fear the Walking Dead returns next Sunday for the second episode of Season 4, "Another Day in the Diamond". Now, we'll get to listen to him pontificate from behind bars next season.

AMC's "The Walking Dead" closed out the season with its lowest-rated finale since the show's inaugural campaign in 2010, scaring up 7.92 million viewers and a 3.4 rating in the advertiser-coveted demographic, which works out to around 4.4 million adults 18 to 49. Startlingly, the 7.9 number is, quite literally, half of the 15.8 million viewers earned by 2015's Season 5 finale. Significantly so, in fact.

What's The Walking Dead season 9 release date? It's a dubious distinction, since the inaugural season of show, which aired in the last quarter of 2010, was still essentially an experimental adaptation of Robert Kirkman's comic book series, touting the name of film director Frank Darabont as showrunner, manifesting with only six episodes. "Every major conflict in the history of The Walking Dead has ended with a huge death or someone dying and this is him choosing life and turning over a new leaf and deciding that there's a different way forward". The real story of the Season 8 finale is what happens between Rick and Negan. Does this mean that Maggie now wants Rick's head too? But that will still leave TWD as TV's No. 1 drama in the key demo, ahead of even NBC's Super Bowl-boosted and red-hot This Is Us. What year will Season 9 take place in?

What changes should we expect?

As for what it was like to film his possibly final scenes with Lincoln, McBride, and Payne, James told Entertainment Weekly that it didn't really feel like shooting an extra scene for "The Walking Dead" even though it was shot on the set of the mothership series. On the other hand, Goldberg noted that John would have a hard time meeting Laura as there are a lot of struggles to find someone in this world. It's also for the hope of a more civilized future, which some of the leaders of the survivors, Maggie among them, seemed to have started to give up on as Screen Rant noted.

As for Ezekiel and Carol...

Flashbacks, hallucinations, alternate realities - honestly, what's not on the table at this point? Carl (Chandler Riggs) will be but a memory, perhaps as a ghost in an eye patch. Negan is under Rick's care now (if you can call it that) and there's bound to be plenty of moments for some one-on-one facetime where Negan can reveal a bit more of his potentially sympathetic characteristics. Rick and Michonne tell him he's going to spend the rest of his life in a cell.

Which main character will be killed first in Season 9?

"Along the way, we kick around each iteration [of an arc]". She is now planning to take on Rick for sparing Negan's life, and the character who plays her is now still unsigned as a series regular for next season. Is Maggie most likely to be killed or exiled?

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