'Star Wars Battlefront II' revives microtransactions for cosmetics

'Star Wars Battlefront II' revives microtransactions for cosmetics

'Star Wars Battlefront II' revives microtransactions for cosmetics

The game will be updated on April 18th, letting players purchase crystals, an in-game currency, so that they can then spend on cosmetics and their upgrades. This could make or break Star Wars: Battlefront II, which should have been a sure thing when it released instead of succumbing to commercial and critical failure. Credits are earned through in-game activity and can be redeemed toward Appearances, as well.

As well as bringing back microtransactions, the Endor update will also introduce a brand new multiplayer mode called Ewok Hunt.

The ambush begins as Ewoks attack unsuspecting stormtroopers, using spears, Wisties, and other skills to take down their opponents. The new mode, dubbed Ewok Hunt, will go live in Battlefront 2 on April 18.

The "Battlefront II" controversy, along with similar quarrels between publishers and fans in games like "Destiny 2" and "Middle-Earth: Shadow of War" led to a larger debate about the role of loot boxes in video games.

Star Wars Battlefront II was sharply criticized for a system where character progression and weapons could only be acquired from loot boxes, which, originally, could be purchased with real money. In the new system, Crystal will be strictly used to unlock cosmetic skins, such as the new Endor Leia and Endor Han skins. Night on Endor will also feature a balancing update and bug fixes.

EA are adding the ability to play as ewoks or to hunt them, as they also reintroduce microtransactions to the game.

Now, Battlefront II players can head back to the forest moon of Endor and battle the Empire all over again with a loveable band of armed Ewoks by their side.

We've heard a lot about the Iden the last couple of weeks and the consensus amongst the Community has been that she was a little overpowered.

We have loads more content in the pipeline, too. "We'll continue to improve the game, we'll continue to push on these things, and we'll have to be very cautious with what this means for future products".

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